Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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I also upgraded from the D700 to the D600

Like some of the others here, I also owned a D700. The D600-610 is a far better camera for my needs. And as you pointed out, after selling my D700, buying the D600 ( I bought it the first week it came out last year ) did not cost me much money at all. With the now lower price of the D610, your cost may even be less.

The heart of any digital camera is its sensor, and the D600/D610 sensor is superior in every way: better color depth, better dynamic range, and better high ISO performance. If you don't want to take my word for it, consider what the testing at revealed:

I suppose that if I shot sports I would like the better autofocus that the D700 offers. But for every other type of photography, whether it is people, events, or landscapes, the D600/610 has all the advantage in my opinion. Certainly the extra megapixels gives one tremendous flexibility in cropping shots. I've found that to be a real nice plus.

Other advantages that were important to me were the lighter weight, and the dramatically quieter shutter. The D600/610 sits in between the D7000 and D700 in both size and weight. I found that it was the perfect fit for me. And if you are at an event for a few hours shooting hundreds of photos like I do, boy, the D700 is a bitch to hold and use for that long. It is much more comfortable shooting with the D600.

And the shutter of the D700 is so extremely LOUD! At events, people often notice it, and then look at me. It is bad enough carrying such a big camera causes people to look at you. But when it also makes such a loud sound, it is very hard to stay unnoticed. And that then often ruins my shot, as I now have my subject looking at me like a deer staring into headlights, instead of being able to get a natural looking shot of the person. The new Quiet Mode Shutter option on the latest Nikons is just so dramatically quieter than the noise produced by older Nikons.

Auto White Balance on my D600 has been superb, and Nikon is boasting that it is even better on the D610. Both have Nikon's latest Expeed 3 image processor, the same one that is used on the Df and D4. The viewfinder on the D600 also has the same coverage as the D800 and D4, and is definitely superior to the viewfinder on the D700, in my opinion.

There is no way that I would go back to using a D700. I like my D600 way too much.

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