Sigma 8-16mm vs 10-20mm old and new versions

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Sigma 8-16mm vs 10-20mm old and new versions

Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time deciding deciding between the 3 lenses as my UWA. I currently have a Pentax 15mm and love it for it's amazing sunburst and flare resistance. However, I find there are times that it's not wide enough and I need at least 12mm or wider.

I'm torn between the 3 lenses as they all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: sharpness, flare resistance and ability to produce sunburst
Cons: unable to take filters (although I have read that you can use a Cokin filter holder and 77mm adapter ring as a solution, but does it take normal circular 77mm filters or do I need to use the square ones made by Cokin? I prefer using higher quality brands.

10-20mm 4.5-5.6
Pros: sharpness, price
Cons: poor rendition of the sun and flare control

Looks like pretty bad rendering of the sun:

10-20mm 3.5
Pros: better flare control and rendition of the sun than the older model
Cons: 82mm filter, sharpness worse than the old model

I think this might be taken with the f3.5 ver, the sunburst looks pretty good:

I would definitely choose the 8-16mm if I can use filters on it, but if I can't, then it's not an option since ND filters are very important for me.

Maybe I should also consider the Pentax 12-24mm?

Any suggestions from owners of these lenses especially in regards to the filter use, flare control etc?



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