Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

crashpc wrote

That´s where I disagree.
Why one would crank up ISO? Well, propably because there is not enaugh light. So you HAVE TO crank it up. You don´t have to with smaller Gs... You don´t have to crank up ISO speed with G15. That´s it´s power.

That sounds like an obvious truth.

The reality is that the telelens on the G1X imatches the prime on my Leica X1 and that the G1X sensor is superb , far better than Lumix m4/3 sensors let alone those in the G series.

Look beyond AF speed , Legacy viewfinder , no Macro , bulk and that the only effective continuous shooting is in High Speed Burst mode and what you have is a superb tool for creating 20x30 inch prints even in adverse lighting.

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