I was NOT a B-A-A-A-A-A-D boy

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I was NOT a B-A-A-A-A-A-D boy

Some of the astute users of this forum, may have noticed that I had disappeared for about a week from this forum. The reason I did, had nothing to do with with this person filing a comlaint-

It was due to the fact that my health issue which I had posted about finally got to the point where I went to the doctor, and after running some tests, the doctor recommended that I get to the ER, so I could be admitted to the hospital.

It appears that the water in my leg, and which was leaking out was a symptom of Congestive Heart Failure. The view that the doctor had was that the CHF caused my heart to stop pumping efficiency, and was down to 25% effective. My kidneys were also down to 50% efficiency, my lungs also had water in them, and to top it off, the EKG, showed that I had a heart attack, and I had Atrial fibrillation, flopping around like a fish on the dock.

Other than the edema (water retention), and shortness of breath, I wasn't showing other symptoms of CHF. One symptom is lack of appetite (which didn't happen), fatigue (not really), or other signs. This did not mean that I didn't have CHF, but I do disagree with the process with which I got the CHF. As I pointed out in my earlier thread, the ill effects were caused by my lungs being irritated, which caused the other symptoms, including the mild heart attack. I do recall waking one cool morning and my neck was sweaty, but I thought it was due to a slight fever breaking. I do recall feeling a nauseous for a few seconds, but no weakness.

Anyway, I spent the week from Saturday to Friday in the hospital. I wasn't bed-ridden, but stayed in bed, to help the water drain from my legs. The worse part was the shortness of breath, as I tried to sleep, and for several days I got only a total of 4 hours sleep. This was caused b a dry throat, but I did get a couple of extra hours sleep after lunch, as my throat felt better.

Right now I feel pretty good, but there is still several pounds of the 20+ water I gained in my body that needs to be removed from my legs, and a little in my lungs. I'm on rat poison to thin my blood, so that in a few weeks, my cardiologist cane Michael Jackson me with propofol, and try and shock my heart back into rhythm. He did do a trans ultrasound to make sure that the A-Fib did not cause a blood clot. Apparently, A-Fib doesn't kill you, but the clot that can form will, or disable you.

I didn't pay attention to the O/T forum while I was in the hospital, as I could only look in via my smart phone.

Now that I'm back, it appears to me that the right wing nuts have started to take over the forum. I don't know if the more liberal elements have taken the week off, decided it wasn't worth fighting with the conservatives, or the character of which I posted a picture, has taken it upon himself to try and get people banned.

I'll be posting a bit less than I had, as sitting at the computer for hours is not good for me.

I do want to thank those that wee concerned about my health in my earlier thread.

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