Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

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Re: The camera is a mismatch for you

brian14478 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Two cardinal rules of happy A77 ownership are 1) know that the camera is not a low light / high ISO machine, and 2) don't bother pixel peeping at 24mp resolution. We could have told you that if you had asked earlier.

He kind of did.

I guess he did... but he also started the thread by saying 'I actually almost decided on the A77 but backed out because I dont want to spend so much money and still get noisy photos at ISO400 (I rarely shoot over ISO 3200 but definitely shoot at 800 and 1600).' So he was already forewarned and wary, and only discounted prices actually swayed him.

I stayed out of it because of the latest high iso promoting of the a77. Every sample or user experience was disregarded/countered relentlessly.

One difficulty here is that there is no consensus about what constitutes objectionable noise, or how much extra effort, if any, might be acceptable to reduce it. I myself have no issue using my recently purchased A77 at ISO 1600, or higher if needed... but, similar to you, I like shooting JPEGs at 12mp, which is not what everyone wants to do. Another difficulty is that noise observed at 100% viewing of a 24mp image typically means next to nothing in terms of the real-life uses of most photographs... but many will still insist on peering at it and fretting over it. I really don't get that.

Constant discussions about this one factor over everything else have become extremely tiresome, so if I involve myself in them at all, my inclination at this point will be to drive noise-obsessed users away from the A77 and be done with it.

Where was everyone when lim shot with the a77 and didn't like the noise it produced??

I've read that several times and still don't understand it. Who or what is lim?

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