I love my new X-E1, but...

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I love my new X-E1, but...

My wife bought me an X-E1 for Xmas. $799 with the 18-55 lens, a great deal!

I love the controls, the Fuji colours, and the 18-55 is optically and mechanically very nice.

Sadly I have 2 issues. First, OIS is causing blurred photos. I'd say 80% of the photos I've taken with OIS enabled have visible blur. It ranges from subtle to obvious, but nearly all my photos look soft, and at 100% zoom, the blur is clear to see. It's generally a vertical "double-line" effect. I see it at shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/125. I've done some test shots, and it happens no matter how steady the camera is held. I've tried both OIS modes. With OIS off, results are much better if the camera is held steady. I've owned a fair number of DLSR and mirrorless cameras over the years and have always found optical stabilization to be mostly effective. After some googling, it appears that at least a few other people have the same issue with the 18-55 lens. It may be firmware related (although I have the latest firmware on both body and lens), so there may be some hope for a future fix, but I'm not counting on it.

Here's a discussion that mirrors my issues almost exactly: http://www.fujixseries.com/discussion/comment/56316

Also, I've found that at least on the overcast days I've been shooting in so far, the camera is over-exposing fairly often. This is in aperture priority, auto-ISO. Is this camera known for auto-exposure quirks? I'll admit I don't use the histogram, and probably should!

Now my question is, for $799, should I still keep the camera and potentially just treat the lens as a non-stabilized lens? Note that I bought the last X-E1 in my area, so I can't just exchange it. In good light, it won't be an issue, but indoors, OIS can be very useful. In dim lighting, I would ideally be using a fast prime, but currently I only have the zoom, and even when I do have prime lenses, I'll still be using the zoom lens for general walk-about use.

But $799 for a new X-E1 with ANY lens is a good deal... I'm tempted to overlook the OIS flaw and work on my technique instead

Fujifilm X-E1
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