****Mini Challenge #389 -- WINNERS****

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****Mini Challenge #389 -- WINNERS****

Thanks to everyone who participated on the "Old Things" Mini Challenge. Even though this one was a little slow due to holiday commitments and other priorities, there were some very good photos of old (and a few very old) things submitted. And it's always nice to read about a photo's history too.

Here are the Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

Super16mman’s Clix camera and comics. Nice layout of some pretty cool stuff. Some day the camera you took this with might be in an "Old Things" Mini Challenge

Guinness2’s scrapyard commercial sign. I expected to see another sign or two entered. This one really shows its age. I hope it gets preserved for its uniqueness and doesn’t go into the scrapyard.

2esetters’ lighthouse. I don’t imagine there are too many 1820’s cedar-clad limestone lighthouses around anymore. Maybe this is the only one? I liked your 1790’s Empire Loyalist farm house too, with only two fireplaces to keep that big place warm. But your lighthouse is quite rare indeed. The cloudy skies and leafless trees also add to this scene.

CashewNut’s Royal Family carriage. Beautiful, intricate and old. I would like to have seen a larger picture of this to check out the fine detail.

Rjgjr’s “Days Gone By” windmill. It must have been pretty windy that day to capture that kind of blur at only 6/10s. Love the transparency effect the blade angle has on the motion. Great shot of the pocket watch “Tick, Tick, Tick,” too! But without knowing its background/history, I couldn’t tell if it was really old or a replica so went with your windmill.

Brightcolours’ German folding plate camera. Wow. Nice treasure you have there! I like the way you chose to show it off in this shot. Whether it has a personal attachment or not it's a keeper--both photo and camera.

4th Place (Since the president has been set to have one sometimes.)

Oilman’s granite mine equipment. Everything there is old, and it’s a great subject for B&W. The framing border around it fits perfectly too. In your old lighthouse shot, the anachronism (GPS, sonar and radar) at least doesn’t show up—that I can see anyway. Looks as though it could be an old original photo of it in its heyday. But I really liked the granite mine. Technology sure has changed a lot of things since those days.

3rd Place

Wilba’s Granddad’s “Scout Regiment” telescope. What a beautiful thing to have, especially with the personal attachment it brings. Thanks for the detailed story that goes with it. That makes the subject/photo more alive to us viewers. I might have chosen the 1795 gravestone (definitely a great fit for the MC) but the telescope’s personal history swayed me more that direction. Looking at the "W," does it stand for Wilba too?

2nd Place

Lewynn’s old horseshoes. It’s simple, very well done, and there’s no guessing what the subject is here. It makes me wonder about the horses that wore them—their color, size, disposition, what these horses were used for (work, show, pleasure), how they were treated, etc. If only these old shoes could talk.

And for 1st Place

RAYoung’s Old Car. It's not just a fine photo. It makes me feel like I’m standing right there in the dingy, ambiently-light barn. Even the musty smells of the old wood; of the straw on the ground; of the old rolled up rug and other blankets/canvas covering the car; of the birds that obviously live in there--that all comes alive when I immerse myself in the full screen view. That may all sound weird but that’s how this photo pulled on my senses, and thus gets 1st place.

Well done Roger! The honor of hosting the next Mini Challenge goes to you. 

Additional note: At the beginning of this MC I took the liberty to consolidate the MC's boilerplate "posting guidelines" and "general rules" to rearrange some of the text to fit better in each category. Some posting guidelines were under "rules," etc. Hope that's okay with everybody.


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