<<<Mini-challenge #323: Coincidence, Happenstance, and Kismet>>>

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<<<Mini-challenge #323: Coincidence, Happenstance, and Kismet>>>

The theme of this Mini Challenge is "Coincidence, Happenstance, and Kismet".

Taken by any gear, and post processed how you prefer - however the idea is to capture something that was seen in real life per the topic.  Post-processing can be used to help better convey what you witnessed - blending multiple shots, HDR, removing unwanted interference, and making adjustments in color, contrast, saturation, etc to your own taste.

So, what is Coincidence in a photo? It's a moment captured where something completely different ends up being conveyed - an illusion that occurred due to the position, angle, light, etc. When one person is standing just behind another and nothing can be seen but their arms, it might look like the person in front has 4 arms. A person walking along a street with a large print ad on a window and due to the subject of the ad, it appears the person is interacting with that scene or a subject in it. Maybe a person is captured with an angry face, and just so happens to be standing in front of a distant chimney which is smoking - the person completely blocks the chimney so it looks like the smoke is fuming out of their head. These are coincidence photos.

Happenstance and kismet might be where you saw something in the scene or composition that just had a humorous or interesting or uniquely common match - or just came together in a special way that almost self-describes itself, or just a perfect moment captured that even with a ton of skill, you still had to be just a little lucky to catch it. Maybe you notice the word 'parking' on the side of a building that has a car crashed into the wall beneath it. Maybe you see the word 'yellow' and it's in the color yellow. Maybe there's a hotel called 'Sunshine Inn' and the sun happens to be throwing a beam right on the hotel. Maybe you were standing where a train track passes under a road, and you catch a train coming through the bridge as a car passes over it as a plane is flying across the top of the scene.

For this topic, it's very important for me to know the story - what was the confluence of events, scenes, subjects, or composition that produced the coincidence, what was the happenstance moment you foresaw or planned to capture, how did things just come together, accidentally or on purpose, to produce the uniqueness of the capture? If showing a coincidental photo, explain what we're really seeing behind the illusion of something else - and anything you like that adds to what might otherwise be just another photo. The image is there to tell a synthesis of its story and/or to illustrate how a combination of good planning, a quick eye, an understanding of how things might come together just right (or just wrong) to get you the shot - and how a little bit of luck, fate, or 'kismet' played a part in getting the shot. Contest entries are limited to three photos but please feel free to post unlimited numbers of photos noted as "Exhibition". The more photos the better, and in order of always learning and enhancing ourselves, besides cheers and bells, constructive critique and suggestions are more than welcome (extra points are given for actively sharing our knowledge with others) and even good taste jokes for adding fun and dynamism to this contest.



***Rules (general rules from past competitions):

1) Enter up to three photos from any camera taken at any time. Let us know about equipment, settings and processing if you like. A good title and a little context about what was happening when the image was captured. We’re interested in the story behind the picture, not just the image.

2) 3rd, 2nd, and Winners will be chosen. The winner chooses the next mini challenge theme and selects the next winner and so on. . .

3) Please post your entries by replying to this original post rather than under someone else’s post - and change the subject line to the title(s) of your images or something like that to separate your picture posts from comments that someone may make about your post.

4) As usual, exhibition entries are welcome, if you have interesting images to share beyond your three entries, or should you feel you are not able to host the challenge in the event that you win. Please be sure to clearly state if entries are exhibition only.

5) All entrants should check the results of the challenge and be ready to jump in with the next competition if they are the winner.

6) PLEASE feel free to make as many comments as possible. This adds to the fun and keeps people coming back. Lets make this a record number of entries.

7) The contest starts now and ends on January 4th, 2014 (Saturday) at 11:59pm (12:00 midnight) Eastern Standard Time.

8) The Winner Sets up a NEW Mini-Challenge!

The Winner Sets up a NEW Mini-Challenge!!!

(Second place takes the baton if the Winner could or would not host the next one)

Enter Exhibition in header if you don't want to be voted on or chosen as the Winner!

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