Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

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Re: The camera is a mismatch for you

sybersitizen wrote:

that the camera is not a low light / high ISO machine, and 2) don't bother pixel peeping at 24mp resolution. We could have told you that if you had asked earlier.

He kind of did.  I stayed out of it because of the latest high iso promoting of the a77.  Every sample or user experience  was disregarded/countered relentlessly.  Where was everyone when lim shot with the a77 and didn't like the noise it produced??

Many, many people who understand those rules and work with them end up getting wonderful results from the A77 (or A65), and can enjoy it for its strengths. Other people will just have to buy something else.


Well put.

Have a great new year-brian

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