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Walkaround Lens

So let me tell you my current gear.  I have a 10-24 Nikon wide angle, and a 105mm F2.8 Nikon.  I sold my other lenses just now.  I am looking for maybe a walkaround lens beyond 24mm but less than 100mm.  Something to take photos of people and fast moving 3 year olds.  My budget is around 1200 dollars.  Looking for something to keep up with the IQ of the D7100.  Also this is not a requirement but if the lens is FX compatible even better because one of these days it would be nice to move to FX but for now its not a requirement as I will probably be able to sell the DX lenses down the road.  So far the suggestions I have are as follows:

Sigma 18-35 - not sure how much reach this will give me and im very weary about Sigma, I have never owned anything other than Nikon gear and just hesitant really.

Nikon 17-55 - Although a little pricey it can be had for about 900 used which isn't too bad.  But question is it worth it? When the Sigma 17-50 is so much cheaper? Which one has the better IQ? Also sigma hmmmmmm so torn.

Nikon 24-70 would be ideal but its just really out of my price range.  I cant afford it basically.

I even thought about getting just the 35mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.4 primes and calling it a day.  Maybe get another polarizer cause i seem to have lost my other one uggg.

Here is a wild card - is it worth investing in the 80-200mm f2.8? Looks like a used one runs about 650 on amazon but is the 70-200 f2.8 really worth 1600 more? it seems like there has to be something to consider with it.

Any help would be appreciated i have the money and i am in need of some kind of lens just not exactly sure what.

Oh also not a requirement but i love sharp lenses i mean the sharper the better.  I also love hte look of shallow dof photos.  Hence why most of the ones I'm looking at are 2.8 or more.  Anyway if there are lenses to be had that isn't quite 2.8 it wouldn't be a no as long as they are also sharp. I'm not looking for something like the 18-105.  I had one and sold it.  Good lens just wasnt fast enough, sharp enough, and i feel like i outgrew it.  i want to try to move on to more pro glass, something of an upgrade.

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