Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

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Re: Is this photo noisy or normal according to you (A77+SAL70300G SSM)

kartikjayaraman wrote:

That's a very nice shot doctorxring - the color is amazing and focus is spot on

Did you micro adjust your lens? Also did you use Spot focus or Wide area focus for this shot? I am assuming you have turned DRO off.

One more thing - Can you try to crop to about 50% and see if you see any noise? The photo I posted was cropped a bit.

Thanks KKJ.  Focus was very close to being just right.  It's so hard with these little guys.

I used Manual focus.  This was shot from a tripod with a remote shutter release.  Full zoom 300mm (450mm equivalent).  DRO was off.  I had the camera set to 400 ISO, not Auto ISO. Shutter priority.  I adjust the shutter speed and watch the Live View on the LCD or the EVF.   The A65 does not have micro adjust.  But I've never had a problem with the AF being off on this lens or my 1650.  I do use Manual focus when I can though with the focus peaking ON most of the time.  I love the 70300G lens.  I had a 70400G lens before, but I sold it for two reasons.  Too heavy for hand held and the bokeh was extremely harsh a lot of the time.  I tell you straight up.  Overall, I like this lens much better.

The first image was cropped a little already, probably about 15 percent or so.  I did a 50% crop on the same file for you --


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