Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: $635

Harold66 wrote:

schaki wrote:

Harold66 wrote:


at some point this will stop because Ricoh won't give us another GR in 2014


Well,I am not sure. you may not get another GR but I am pretty confident that Ricoh will have a compact with an APS sensor on the market next year ( most likely a GX with a short zoom)

make sense. A 20-50mm or maybe even somewhat wider if possible?

if you are talking in 35mm equivalent, 20mm is TOO wide a focal length to have a zoom that can be small enough or bright enough or good enough ( if not all of them at the same time)

it is difficult enough to start at 24mm FOV and keep reasonable aperture and/or decent quality towards normal range

personally my vote would go for a APS GR with a 2/40mm FOV ( in 35mm equivalents) a 24MP MP count and the latest EVF from EPSON

I bet that would sell in larger numbers than the current GR


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I am quite happy with the 35mm and 47mm crops on the GR. I would be very unlikely to buy either a crippled (slow or big) zoom version of the GR or even a prime of any less length than the 35mm equivalent of 85mm portrait lens (say f2.0?). This will be quite large as well and would be far better introduced as a GXR module with the revised GXRII body and a useful shot to shot buffer.

However Ricoh have shown no inclination to put controls (focus/zoom/aperture) on the lens barrel of a zoom at least and their real expertise is in making necessarily slow but well made collapsing zoom lenses in cameras near enough to be pocketable.

So a short slow zoom GR version might be on the cards but whether it is a success story remains to be seen. Myself I would rather hang out for a maybe mythical GXR update or wait to see if Sony can sort out the ergonomics of the A7 type in a later model. The new "GR" zoom may well be based on the Sony 1" sensor in an effort to remain compact.

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