New E-M1 Owner, Have Some Questions For The Experts

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Re: As a novice you over purchased

Of course the E-M1 and the 2.8 zoom are great. As a novice why not start with a E-pl5, with the 2 lens pack. From B&H for $499. Add a 1.8 prime for indoors. An evf if you must.

Its like your first car is a BMW 750. I even think for a first car you'd have more fun in a Mini. Lot to learn who knows you might prefer a Panasonic body for better video results.

Perhaps I misled.  My skills as far as shooting manual are of a novice.  I've been around cameras for a long time.  From a Rebel XT -> 20D -> 70D (briefly) -> to the E-M1.  I'm not new to cameras and lenses; I'm new to using them properly.  I view purchases a bit different than most people.  I am the kind of guy that buys a BMW 750 and keeps it for 15 years.

I just feel like the E-M1 is the right choice for me at this time.  The lens however, I really needed (and got lots of) advice from you fine folks.

I set up the tripod tonight and experimented with F8 + or - as a previous poster mentioned.


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