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Re: 14-54MkII vs 12-60 SWD

DooSPX wrote:

...My thought would be, even without the SWD AF motor, the 14-54 MkII might have the same AF speed and better performance in general because of the faster Apt as the focal length increases.

Good luck with that. The difference is 1/3 of a stop or so. Both are fine lenses, but the 12-60mm used to cost twice the price of the 14-54mm for a reason. It's much better.

Anyone used these two lenses in these conditions back to back and have a real world opinion?

Yup. And the 14-54mm mk1 as well. The only possible reason to prefer the 14-54mm (any of them) to the 12-60mm could be the slightly smaller size and weight (which wouldn't matter on a huge body such as the E3, biting into the legend that the 14-54mm II being CDAF optimized will actually work fine on an m43 body (which not only doesn't matter on an E-3, but is a bag full of dingo's droppings anyway, as the 14-54mmII just sucks a bit less than the rest on m43 but is by no means good, or, a huge price difference. That one might happen between the mkI and the 12-60mm ($180 something vs $480 something), but between the mkII and the 12-60mm, especially nowadays, the 12-60mm is vastely worth the premium.

Oh, forgot, on night shots the stars around the light sources are nicer on the 14-54mm (both generation) than on the 12-60mm. That's about it.

Especially on an E-3, for which it was created. Do yourself a favor, and spend your money wisely. Either go cheap and get an mk1 14-54mm, either get the 12-60mm.

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