What I HATE about my Df

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Re: What I HATE about my Df

In the beginning i was so uncertain with the Df. Now i will sell my D700. Actually i like Df is simpler than classic dslr.

I like its small on/off switch, no problem using 2 fingers. Its a simple on/off switch.

I really don't care there is no AF assist light, i use MF all the time. Its simpler design.

I like there is one door for battery and sd card because its simpler design.

I like the ISO dial is lockable. Makes you think more proactivly (before placing your eye in the VF). Its simpler to previsualize the image and pre-know more or less the exposure of the scene for deliberate photography. But in case you want to change it, its not a trouble at all.

Front command dial is nice to place your finger on its surface, it helps for some grip possitions.

In the beginning i was not happy the speed dial had not half stop increments. Now im ok with that since you put the speed you want and make the fine tuning with the aperture ring. A much better, faster, precise discipline that helps your grip on the cam also.

Also not having a flash, is simpler also!

I like this cam, as it targets to the basics of simplicity of photography, which is more creative and teaching for me.

This cam is good if used with primes and with aperture dial. The non existant flash doesnt block the view of the aperture ring setting from top view (as in D700), and the fingers of both hands dont overlap when turning the aperture ring because of the large grip (as in D700). These 2 factors show some thought over the Df body.

I think if Df sells in a specific way, nikon (zeiss?) will produce some new MF lenses of classic focal length, hopefully of no more than 400 grams each. We need a lighter and smaller than zeiss 28mm and 35mm which suite better to the bigger dslr's. Df concept is cripled without MF lenses

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