Please C&C: Candid portraits/people from Carmel, CA

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Re: Please C&C: Candid portraits/people from Carmel, CA

PSCL1 wrote:

Sorry, but what's your intent in shooting these? Very few of these generate any content interest in me as a viewer. Legs are cut off, people shooting their families, family groups in more or less random positions. I guess the shot of the colorful leggings might have some interest and one group picture has a man with interesting glint off his sunglasses (the rest of the photo could be cropped). But I just don't get it. And it is not a matter of equipment. It is unnremarkable subject matter and excessively casual composition IMO. Are some of these family, therefore meaningful to you?

My intent in shooting these is to generate content interest to you as a viewer. These subjects are all strangers to me. I photographed people as I saw them, because loitering around a group of strangers waiting for them to do something can arouse suspicion. What kinds of candid people images would generate more interest for you?

It is interesting that you noted legs being chopped off. In #1, I did that on purpose because the person way in the background is not a part of the family I was photographing, so I wanted to crop it as tightly as possible. However your comment suggests that maybe I should have cropped wider to include the background person. In #4, unfortunately I did not frame ideally because there was only a limited amount of time to capture the photographer in action. Are there any other photos where a subject is cropped too tightly? I agree with you about the guy with the yellow glasses, I thought about cropping the rest but wanted to see what others thought first.

What do you suggest is the best way to capture people in interesting positions?

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