How to create soft flash light on-camera?

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Re: SB 800 etc

24Peter wrote:

Stephen Knox wrote:

24Peter wrote:

It was a diffuser for the pop-up flash that the OP wanted.

I'd like to see him get thaton his pop-up flash

Quoting the OP:

"I'm not opposed to buying something equivalent to a Nikon Speedlight; that's still an on-camera solution. I have used "auto" flashes in the past and sometimes still do. I realize a TTL flash would offer better flash exposure control, but it doesn't change the fact that it is still harsh light.

I have done some bounce flash, but for example my parents have a dark stained wood ceiling so that's not a general solution.

I think some kind of flash diffuser could be a solution. Any particular models or designs that can be recommended?"

Did I miss something?

Sorry Peter, my mistakeĀ 

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