Perhaps a loaded question for this forum, but OM-D E-M1 vs. Sony RX10

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a couple of things to think about

The RX10 looks good except for one thing - the very slow zoom. Slow racking in or out, not aperture speed. I knew that would be a problem when I read the initial specs and so far, several reviewers have mentioned that it makes the camera not usable for them.  So think about that or better yet, try one before you buy to see if you feel the same way.

Otherwise, I think these types of zoom cameras can be very good unless a) you are a pixel peeper), b) you mostly shoot in low light situations, or c) you do heavy processing, with lots of pulling and pushing of exposure.

As for m4/3 lenses, take a look at the 40-150.  It is tiny and good and right now costs $119 (though still a bargain at regular price).  With the new cameras, you can shoot at high ISO without worrying, so you don't need a fast lens unless you are looking for shallowest DOF.  I just shot 150 images at an outdoor safari (with 75-300 lens), with most photos taken at ISO 3200 - something I would have never even considered before the EM5.

Lastly, over time you will not want to use 4/3 lenses on your m4/3 camera (seriously, the faster focus and smaller/lighter lenses will win out pretty quickly).  You could get the EM5 rather than the EM1 and use the extra money to buy yourself some m4/3 lenses right away.

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