Canon S120 in-camera HDR (Art Standard mode)

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Re: Canon S120 in-camera HDR (Art Standard mode)

Molsal wrote:

Hi, I'm sorry to be negative, but I just don't like the images produced by the 120, I've had 2 of them, both now returned. I find the images very muddy, the colours are typical canon, which I enjoy, but for £400 in the UK, I can get much better for my money, or two S110's.

Kind regards John.

While I fully respect the subjective feeling you have towards S120 (aided by two units you had, as you say), as that is what should be the most important thing for anyone (being satisfied with the camera he got), are there any comparison shots that might confirm this?

I`m curious because I read that some people here find previous S series models superior in comparison to S120 (not providing comparison shots rather than personal feeling), while all the professional reviews I read praise S120 over all other models.

For example, DxO Mark:

Camera: S110 / S120

48 / 56 (Overall Score)
20.6 bits / 21.3 bits (Portrait (Color Depth))
11.2 Evs / 11.9 Evs (Landscape (Dynamic Range))
168 ISO / 246 ISO (Sports (Low-Light ISO))

Also, comparing photos using seems to show S120 beating S110 in every one of the posted sample images.

Examples: ISO 80 S110 / S120, ISO 400 S110 / S120, ISO 3200 S110 / S120, ISO 12800 S110 / S120 (other ISO values can be found on site, too).

This makes me think what`s going on, and whether people complaining about S120 just got bad units (maybe also meaning S120 quality control is not so good?), but S120 is better once you get a good one, or what...?

It would be really interesting to see some head-to-head shots of S120 and previous models in same conditions, AUTO first, then with the same (manually set) settings.

Regarding the price comment, I totally agree, I also think that (even if being better?) S120 is overpriced at the moment, especially in comparison to S110. If one aims to get the best buy for the money, I guess S110 is the one to choose.

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