Allergic to the SX50HS, I wonder about the SX40SH

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Re: Allergic to the SX50HS, I wonder about the SX40SH

OpticGlass wrote:

>On the other side, your topic title seems to assume that all SX50

>viewfinders might cause allergies...

This is false. I never said that _all_ SX50 viewfinders might cause allergies. Please don't make things up that aren't there.

My inquire was about the SX40HS.

Sorry, but I never said you did say so, just that your topic title seems to assume so, which still looks true - "Allergic to SX50". You might have wanted to know about SX40, but you mentioned SX50, too, causing it "allergic", where SX50 is not a specific one you described, but the series name in general.

You didn`t answer my question, it`s still unclear what your inquiry is actually about - are you afraid that your SX40 might have some of the faulty SX50 viewfinders (where Canon stated that this only affected a certain amount of SX50 cameras, not mentioning SX40), or you wonder if SX40 shares the SX50 viewfinder in general?

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