How do you think the term "Semi-Pro" is best described?

Started Dec 27, 2013 | Polls thread
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How do you think the term "Semi-Pro" is best described?

I'm posting a poll in this forum because even though the question could apply to any brand or format it's more recently being used to discuss and review the Olympus em-5 and em-1 bodies.

So then, thinking with your scales tipped slightly towards M43 how do you think the term "semi-pro" should generally be used?

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Over-all build quality will stand up to the lower scale of daily use, ie. lens changes, higher shutter count, reliability and customer service for getting you back on the road quickly.
41.9% 13  votes
Features, quick menu access on the fly, exposure and focus options, and the ability to fine tune to specific jobs and save the setting banks.
16.1% 5  votes
Brand support; Well engineered strobes with adequate power and integrated with the camera (ie. Nikon's cls), good quality glass aimed at specific jobs. The camera is geared towards producing the best results available in a specific sensor format.
6.5% 2  votes
The photographer is exposed to a very specific genre of income. The camera may not excel at all purposes but can and will produce perfection in ONE or more specific areas that a person could make a living, ie.. part of a compact portable studio kit where native ISO will be used and the enlargement requirements will not exceed the sensors ability.
3.2% 1  vote
The PHOTOGRAPHER is semi-pro in ability and drive, but produces no income from his/her gear. The gear will make him/her happy with their experience using the camera and results.
25.8% 8  votes
Based on sensor size only. The sensor is not large enough to cover a broad enough spectrum of commercial needs.
6.5% 2  votes
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