RX10 Water Collor Effect

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Re: RX10 Water Collor Effect

Elaka Farmor wrote:

oldcarz wrote:

The easiest work around to get the real nice water color effect of the RX100 processor is to take the SD card out of the RX10 (or other camera) and put it into the RX100. Find the picture that you want to apply the effect to, and it saves the original version and the changed one.

What do you mean with "other camera"? I have tried this with SD card from Nex-5n and Canon 60D. Picture effect is not enable.

Elaka, I'm sorry for the accidental confusion.

I should have referred to the RX10 as "the other camera".  You are correct that the SD card from a "different" or "other" camera will display pictures in the review mode, but will not allow the picture effect to be applied.

It is interesting, though, that the SD card formatted within the RX10 is both readable and modifiable by the RX100.

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