Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

I became disenchanted with my G1X when I found you cannot get close enough to do a full head photo at 85mm equiv.. The closest focus is 60cm even in 'macro' mode which is pretty limiting.

I sold the camera and got a Nex 6 with the 16-50 lens and this just does not have these operational difficulties, has a larger sensor, is not a lot larger and has a brilliant EVF. Of course if you wish to match the reach of the G1X it would not be a cheap option but I like the wider angle.

Given the choice between the G16 and G1X the former seems a much more useful choice. Of course if IQ is important any CSC with a folding lens will probably exceed the G1X in practicality though you will lose the fast lens of the G16 and the reach.

Given the cropability of the big G1X sensor it is a pity they did not reduce the reach and maybe get that focusing even a few cms closer. It does make the camera hard to use and IMHO impossible in some circumstances.

Rmark wrote:

However you have to learn to compensate for the lack of close focus , that means even for portraits at 3 feet you will need to activate the closeup function if you zoom even slightly

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