Season Greetings from the Delta....

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Re: Season Greetings from the Delta....

Stew Volt wrote:

so am just wondering where I should go to see 'em?

start with this page:

At the bottom is a list of places you can go to see the cranes around the Lodi area. Also take a look at the sandhill viewing guide pdf on this page:

My favorite place is Staten Island, as described on the pdf.  The cranes congregate in the water at night but leave around sunrise to go forage in the fields (you can still see them but they are scattered).  They return by the thousands at sunset to the water fields.  It is amazing sight (and sound as they are really loud) and I'm usually the only one there, freezing in the dark.  Usually there are lots of ducks and swans and other birds, too.

These photos are really nice - usually day time photos are too far away and have too much sun glare. These don't have either problem so very well done!  Better than anything I have managed.

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