What I HATE about my Df

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What I HATE about my Df

No, not a joke; here is the list of things that SERIOUSLY bug me about this camera:

1) The Power Switch. Someone at Nikon should be kicked you-know-where. Without the little lever, this small round dial needs to be often grabbed with TWO fingers, taking your grip somewhere else in the process. In some respects this is the most blatant bad engineering on the camera.

2) SD card location. They couldn't put this somewhere better? REALLY? I think they decided to do it and got STUCK. They should have rethought it.

3) ISO Dial Lock. Huh? There's a LOCK button on the ISO dial. But whyyyyy, man?! It's not easy to move by accident. Okay, I've gotten good at doing it, but sheesh, how annoying!

4) 5.5 FPS. Stupid, stupid and just for irritation sake, more stupid. Why not give the Df 7 FPS? They would still have protected the D4 while giving those D700 fans something to consider. A simple battery grip that allowed the FPS jump would have made me happier.

5) No AF Assist Light. Say what? Why in the name of Captain Kirk's green lover would you take away the assist light? It can be VERY useful at times. Dumb.

6) Front Command Dial. Okay, this is not that bad, but it's certainly a bit less comfortable than the command wheels we're used to.

7) Kit Lens. The bodies were sold out, so my wife got me the kit with the 50mm. I admit it looks nice, but do I need this? How stupid of Nikon to include a lens most people already have! They could have at least made it a 1.4 as many folks only have the 1.8. Or they could have gone with a aperature ring. Nope; it's just another very good 1.8G that's gonna force me to sell something because I now own four 50mm primes and two are the same!

That's my list so far. I have more issues with my D800 overall and no camera is perfect.


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