Why do reviews criticize the AF on the A7?

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Re: Why do reviews criticize the AF on the A7?

PVCdroid wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

Will Sony fix it?

Beat it, ya grimy troll.

Now now... it's sort-of a legitimate question, albeit phrased very much in trollish.

I'm sure Sony is already doing plenty to educate reviewers in how to properly shoot with these cameras, and specifically with CDAF. That's the level of "fix it" required here. Also, if the reviewers are out to demonstrate that these cameras will miss a lot of shots in their out-of-the-box configuration and in the hands of users that are unfamiliar with them and haven't read the manual, then that may be valuable too.

On the other, other, hand, it would be more useful if they were demonstrating JUST that... many of these reviewers seem to consider themselves experts simply because they know how to shoot with a Canon or Nikon DSLR, and don't appear to realize that other types of cameras may need to be used differently than what they're used to. If Sony didn't allow shutter release without focus lock, most of the OOF shots reviewers have gotten would be eliminated. Since many DSLRs block you firing the shutter without a lock, this behavior wouldn't even cause comment with most of the reviewers. Is the Sony behavior wrong? I don't think so, but it is different, and therefore requires education of the reviewers. If the Sony CDAF defaulted to moving the lens to MFD and focusing out from there, it would be slower (which would cause more complaints about speed), but it would also be much less likely to focus on a background instead of on a closer subject.

So, I guess, there are things in firmware that Sony could... not fix, but change. iAuto should should probably be a more idiot (and reviewer) resistant mode: no release w/o lock, always focus out from MFD, face detect on, etc, so that somebody that just picks up the camera and doesn't know much about it, will be much more likely to get in-focus shots of their intended subject - even if the AF is, in that configuration, (much) slower than it could be.

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