RX10 Water Collor Effect

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Re: RX10 Water Collor Effect

FredCDobbs wrote:

Unfortunately it is not available on my NEX7 as it is on the RX100. I guess I'll take a SD card shot with the NEX 7 and install it in the RX100 and see if it will read and apply the effect which I happen to like.

To confirm what was discussed earlier in this thread:

-RAW + JPEG option prevents use of the water color effect. Another problem with RAW shooting, for me, is that the most current version of Aperture doesn't support the RX10 at this time.

The easiest work around to get the real nice water color effect of the RX100 processor is to take the SD card out of the RX10 (or other camera) and put it into the RX100. Find the picture that you want to apply the effect to, and it saves the original version and the changed one.

Interesting, if you look at the EXIF data of both pix enclosed, note that the original picture was taken with the RX10, but the water color picture was processed inside the RX100. I would have guessed that the water color picture would have the RX100 tag on it, but it appears to have been made on the RX10.

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