Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

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Re: Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

Ricky85 wrote:

A77 can shoot 4 fps that means 10 x 4 = 40mbps

Yes Vikas, truly speaking we do not need that Sandisk Extereme pro anymore. I cannot expect A77 to write images at more than 45mbps. The final conclusion is Sony 32GB will give you the same performance of Sandisk 90mbps on any Sony DSLR/SLT

You can't conclude that from just looking at the speed with a fast card. You don't know if the camera is writing continuously to the card with the measured average speed or it is writing in short bursts with a higher write speed and some forced pauses in between.

What if those 250 milliseconds per photo is 125 milliseconds of writing with 80 MB/s and 125 milliseconds of doing other stuff which can't be done while writing?

If it is, and we limit the write speed to 40 MB/s by using a slower card, the camera will now use 250 milliseconds for writing and 125 milliseconds for other stuff. That is a total of 375 milliseconds, or a little less than 3 photos per second instead of 4.

The only way we can know is by testing the camera with both a 40 MB/s card and a 90 MB/s card.

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