Metropolitan Museum of Art: Where Julia Cameron unmasks the pettiness of this forum

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Re: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Where Julia Cameron unmasks the pettiness of this forum

What the majority is doing with photography here is to treat photography as recording. What Cameron did is to treat photography as art. Actually she was an artist. She had things to express and created the language to express them. This is difficult. Not many people know the way to express their deepest spirit. Its difficult for everybody, including me, and its not casual. You have to work hard to find your role as a photographer, because you need to find your role as a person, a reason or mystery not explained, deep in you.

And you need to know what photography is and what makes a visual (technical) image to have value. I mean you need education, not information, to understand the code of the visual image. In the same way you need education to be able to feel and understand why a literature book has value, or why a Mozart symphony has artistic value. What and why some images are proven to stand in time and others not. In the end if you are happy with your photography, that's fine. But you (and me and everybody) must know that we have smthg more to learn that will make us better understand photography as well as ourselves. (Keep in mind that the word education im using here doesn't have necessarily the meaning of the formal education system, but more of how much educated as a person you are, not in the manner of information gathering but with a deeper and more complete manner that promotes your spirit and your feelings.)

For sure, my opinion is that gear has nothing to do with the ability to make art in most cases. It has more to do with

1. Our connection with gear, that helps us emotionally take it in our hands, so you should use what feels good for you.

2.  The impression most people have that the most perfect the technical image is, the better our photography is, and so they (and myself) really get a hope with the newst gear that we will be more complete or able to reach out artistic crap for most cases. And this is where education is needed to fill this gap. Education that will teach you what is important in a photo and what not. Education in art. Yes you can be self educated, and you can be so without reading or without being teached. In reality the value of art is really so little if any different if you are using D4 with 24-70 or Pentax K10 with 16-50. Yes its a plus to have the option to have better image quality when you want to have better image quality, but this doesn't really work if the essence of your photo is non existent.

Does anybody feel that if acdc made the black album with epiphone guitars instead of gibson would that lessen the value of the album? Does anybody feel that Dvorzaks sympony of the new world would have less value if recorded with cheaper violins? First comes the artistic value, and then as a cherry on top, the quality of the gear used. What really counts is the artistic proposition and is has nothing to do with how much grain a photo has or if the corners of the photo record a bit less information.

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