Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?


I have a G12 and a G1X (and a DSLR and too many lenses).  They're both good.  Yes the G1X is two years old.  It's still a very good camera though - there's still nothing else quite like it.  There is no sign of what Canon may be planning for the small camera/larger sensor niche.

The G1X is bigger and heavier but remains a well featured camera with a clear advantage in high ISO/noise performance.  You may not notice it in good light, but it stands out in low light.  It's AF is somewhat slow compared to a DSLR, but it's probably not a lot different from the G12.  It's NOT an action camera.  On the plus side, it's AF is very accurate.  The G1X can clip highlights, and I tend to leave the camera with -1/3 compensation and/or DR control set to 200.  I find it an excellent travel camera.  It has a better system for taking filters than the G12.  (It requires a small accessory adapter).

The G12 is great, but definitely noisier than the G1X.  The G15 & 16 have a much faster lens and improved AF over the G12, so their AF is probably faster than the G1X.  Be a bit cautious of the concept that because they have faster lenses they are better in low light and "equivalent" to the G1X with it's bigger sensor and slower lens.  This is true in terms of subject isolation, but only applies to subjects where you actually want to use wide apertures because you want shallow DOF.  It may be no help at all for subjects that need you to stop down to get deeper DOF.  And it won't get rid of noise if you do have to resort to higher ISOs.

I use my G1X as a travel and hiking camera.   I'm very happy with it in that role (though I'm tempted by mirror-less cameras with interchangeable lenses........)  I use the G12 for social occasions.  It's smaller and lighter, fits in a jacket pocket, has longer reach and more inherent DOF for interiors, groups, dining table shots and so on.

Hope this helps, Rod

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