Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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Re: Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

I also tried all these in my hands.

G1X is powerful cam, but it is not pocketable anymore, and price is higher than G15. That way I´d go EOS 600D instead with second hand kit lens, if I really needed Image quality for the same price so much. G1X can shoot higher ISOs, but G15/G16 can almost keep up with one to two and half stops faster lens at tele range with the same focal lenght set, newer sensor and processing. it´s not better always, especially when light is very good, but once it goes darker, smaller Gs really show its true power.

I´m not here to defame any other cam just because I have G15. I bought it few weeks ago, because I´ve seen it to be good so much. It also depends how you use it. G1X clearly IS better camera, but not always. See DPR test image collage:

G1X vs G15 comparison

There are also parts of image, where G1X shows better resolution or noise characteristics or whatever... My point here is, that G15 is not only poorer sibling. It has true power when used "properly" or in poorer light..... I also showed few images in another thread, where G15 has marginally higher resolution than G16 has, but it is on thin line of recognition when watched 100%. It´s huge shame that  new G16 is not better than G15 in IQ that way, but it still holds those powers and it has nice and new features, it´s faster.

You may have hard decision. Good luck with that. I wish you had money nad strenght to carry EOS 600D instead

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