Definitely Not What I Expected

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Re: Definitely Not What I Expected

briti1 wrote:

I own a graphic design studio and I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years so I do know a little bit about cameras and lenses. I ordered the TS4 after reading the review of the TS3. Since the TS3 was at the top of its class and the TS4 had only minor changes I expected that I the TS4 would be a tough, waterproof, shockproof camera that took excellent photos. It's definitely tough and all of it's features work as advertised but when it comes to the most important feature of any cameras, resolution, the photos I have taken with it (all on land) have the worse resolution of any point & shoot or dslr that I have ever owned.

I wish I your review had been available when I bought mine in April of 2012. I purchased it to replace my TS2/FT2 which had been stolen. The TS2/FT2 was a brilliant camera and produced great non noisy shots in very poor light.  However, this camera is absolutely awful! I can not get a decent shot with it even in bright light. After putting up with it for a year as my handy tote camera for when I am not lugging my DSLR around, I finally junked it and got another Canon


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