Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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Re: Is the D610 a Significant Upgrade Over a D700?

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That article pretty much answers every question that I could have regarding the D700 vs the D600 and D800. It also confirms what I said earlier: the D700 was a true breakout camera when released, and it's rather amazing that it still holds up so well more than 5 years after release (an eternity for a digital device).

Thanks for the link!

5 years is not that long for a camera, really. The D3 is a exceptional camera and now 6 years old, the d300 plus video (s) is 6 years old and still on sale.

Oh, I think more than 5 years having gone by for Nikon's first FF camera and to see that there haven't been any significant improvements in that amount of time other than the expected higher resolution is pretty surprising.

Camera Tech has reached the point where all recent DSLR's are so good the incremental improvements going forward are going to have a much smaller impact on iq, and thus need to upgrade than before. The difference from 6-12 mp is significantly greater than 12-24, or 24-48. Same with iso and dr, more will be good, but its significance will be lesser.

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