Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Baby steps

calson wrote:

Df is an excellent camera and best to compare it to the $5500 D4 than any other camera.

No offense, but the Df and D4 are about as different as a point and shot and a Df.

For someone who has been shooting with and carrying around a P&S an Olympus Pen camera and zoom lens would probably be a better choice.

Agreed. This is good advice. Not to mention the style of the Pen or even OM-D! Nice.

The Fuji is a good camera but it is very specific in how it can be used and it is one thing if someone is looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Leica digital camera but it is not the best camera for a beginner or a casual shooter.

I love my XE-1 to death, but it is not a great camera for a beginner. It looks good (style) and used carefully, it can produce excellent results. But used like a point and shoot, it is not great.

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