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Re: Don't do it.

JNR wrote:

MikeFreeze wrote:

OK, I have ordered the Quantaray module. I feel like it's a bit of a gamble, but it's only a $12 gamble as compared to the approx $50-62 price I would have paid otherwise. Since I already have the Promaster unit, why not try it? If I don't like the results, I suppose I will buy a decent flash made to operate with the K-5 and just use the Promaster as a slave unit. Thanks for all the help,

Mike Freeze

From the looks of it, you'll be fine without need for modification. (Understanding that you won't get pTTL/TTL out of it with the newer cameras.)

Just in case it doesn't work, you might have to put it up on ebay, and get the Promaster unit which the company offers at fairly reasonable price of $22:

You don't want that Promaster module. It is TTL only and manual at 1/1 and 1/16. That's very limiting on a modern Pentax DSLR. It's probably fine if you have a *istD, istDS, and fine with some film bodies that can do TTL, but trying work with just two manual settings on a newer Pentax DSLR isn't worth the money spent. I have either the Promaster or the Quantaray AF module, there's no way to tell as there isn't any branding on the unit, that I use with a couple of ZX film bodies I bought. The ZX-60 I have does P-TTL, but I've never tried the 5050DXR with it. I wonder if it would work?

Thank you

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