Master photo store with bi-directional sync

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Master photo store with bi-directional sync

I now have too much disk space taken up by photos to fit them all on my PC at once. Up until now I've been manually keeping two large USB drives in sync, and then a subset of that locally on my PC. This is somewhat tiresome, especially when I move or edit a file, so I'm looking for a good alternative. Ideally, I'd like something where I could open up a GUI and select which folders to sync to/from my PC, and which are left non-local, allowing me to edit and move things around things in this subset, while keeping it synced (to a USB drive or network backup), and then change what bits are local as needed. Syncing software is pretty easy to find. However, I cannot tell if any of them let me leave the stuff I haven't got enough local space for on the network/USB drive, and not have it synced to my PC, but allow me to sync it later if needed. For example...

- Let's say I start with photos from 2010-13 and all fit on my local drive. It syncs this to the non-local drive as a backup. Easy!

- In 2014 I run out of local space, so I'd like to be able to de-select by "2010" folder, and have it continue syncing 2011-2013, and additionally 2014, while simply leaving 2010 on the non-local drive. I guess I can mirror that non-local drive as a backup.

- If I need to access the 2010 stuff, I'd like to be able to either...

  • Look at the non-local drive, if it's online OR
  • De-select something else that is currently using local space (say 2011), and select 2010, allowing 2011 to locally removed, but 2010 to be brought back. Once finished, I could switch back, and the sync would update the local drive accordingly.

Basically, I'm looking for a form of backup/storage, where older stuff can slowly being consigned to non-local as use more and more space, but be easy to bring back for use when necessary.

Anyone seen anything that could do this, or have any other solutions for when your photo collection out-sizes your local hard drive (buying a larger hard drive in my PC is not an option). I'm using windows 7.



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