Why do reviews criticize the AF on the A7?

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Re: Why do reviews criticize the AF on the A7?

MattLangley wrote:

daqk wrote:

A7 is plain slow on AF, tried in camera store, hated it very much, never would buy one.

Try one by yourself before buy. Outdoor might be ok, indoor sucks.

My indoor isn't bad at all. Not perfect but still very usable.

"Painfully slow" is very subjective, so it's hard to say whether you're seeing the same thing or not.

Indoors, under mediocre light, I'm seeing about 1 second, maybe a bit less, to go from MFD lock to lock on another subject 2 to 3 meters away. The focusing seems to be quite accurate under these conditions. I'm set to center focus at the moment. If I set it to wide or zone, it seems faster, but it's also much more likely to focus on something other than my intended subject.

1 second to me, to get an accurate lock, is perfectly reasonable. To others, it may be painfully slow. Keep in mind there are those that can't stand the half second it takes to switch from LCD to EVF. I'm much slower than those people... in fact, it takes me half a second to be ready to look at what I'm seeing in the EVF anyway.

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