Df owner looking for solutions

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Df owner looking for solutions

Hi all, Im new to this forum, I just got myself a Df as my Christmas gift. Hehe.

I have been a Nikon fan for over 6 years now, well 6 years isn't long compare to all you professional shooters, Im no near to professional. I started with D300 when I was in highschool. Shot for school and other small events, when I got to university I got a used D700, but I had to sell it a month ago for this Df. Honestly, to sell the D700 for Df is rather a mixed feeling. Sorta regretted (in terms of work flow and ergonomic) sorta happy (from that goddamn sexy looking and High-ISO image quality).

I thought about selling the Df just get a D800, but I convinced myself not to, because again I'm no near to professionals and really dont need that sharp image for commercial works.

I feel no need to talk about the good things about Df, the spec sheet tells you a lot about this camera, but the feeling of handling Df is SO different than other Nikon D cameras.

Anyway, the major problem is that grip, man, I have really small hands and I don't feel honestly a bit comfortable when holding it. I tried to put my pinky on the bottom of the camera to support it but again since I have small hands, my right wrist is telling my brain to stop doing that. I thought about using a hand strap to wrap around my hand to support it, I will purchase one soon to test it out. I remember I saw a thread here a few days ago about a rumor that a grip for Df is coming, I really hope that's true. Have anyone else tried this method, please share some experience.

Secondly, the view finder is OK, honestly just Ok. It is OVF so it really can't compete with EVF, even the one from OMD EM5 (ONLY in extremely low light situations). In bright daylight, it's good but not overwhelmingly good. My biggest complaint is the green dot position, MAN oh MAN, like why would you put that little small green dot on the left corner. When I put the DK-17M (1.2x magnifying eyepiece) on Df, a little eye movement I mean a really small movement, then I wont be able to see the green dot, again especially in low light situations.  I have a great experience with a K3 type focusing screen on D300. (from focusingscreen.com if you don't know). Ok, I don't want to spread this rumor and please don't take my words into account but before I got Df, I contact the people from focusingscreen.com and they told me the project of swapping focusing screen for Df was in development. I don't if this is 100% true or not, but it gave me hope. Now, have anyone have balls (I admit I don't) to take out the Df's focusing screen to take a look whether it's replaceable or not) Maybe some modification? maybe entirely impossible?  Please share your manual focusing experience with Df, any tricks or technique to improve hit rate?

Happy holidays guys.

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