Why do reviews criticize the AF on the A7?

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The problem IMHO is....

that A7 will take picture even if focus is not confirmed...this seems buggy to me but this how the A7 works. It is very easy to take out of focus pictures.

Other than this the focus is deadly accurate. This is the thing I love about NEX and now A7.

A7 also has small medium and big zones, has eye Af etc. All great stuff! Lots of progress since NEX-7. A7 supposedly has Af tracking too, I have not tried it though.

Problem with AF is the speed. The Zeiss 1.8/55 takes forever to focus in poor light - it hunts a lot and becomes desperately slow - 2 to 3 seconds to acquire focus! The 2.8/35 seems much better as does the kit lens. I have not tried hte kit lens in poor light. 2.8/35 though is perfectly usable under any light. In decent light focus speed is ok with the 1.8/55

I also tried EA4 and that works well too, except focus zones are all in the center.

The biggest issues with A7 AF IMHO are:

1. The navigation keys cannot be set to move the focus point by default. Instead by default these keys change some settings - drive mode, white balance etc. This makes selecting AF point clumsy - press function key to change the arrow key assignment, set AF point, focus, repeat all steps if you want ot chage the point after focusing...painful!!!!

2. There is no way to reduce the number of selectable AF areas to say 9 or 11 or may be 15 - that can be selected with couple of clicks. 9 zones allows single click operation. AF point selection is not only obstructed by #1 it is very slow due to #2

3. Speed under poor light - I already described this

These are my gripes.

I would not trust the reviewers you probably refer to DPR and Steve Huff's son. I would suppose they have not shot enough with the NEX line and lack understanding of its specifics e.g. did they turn off the AF assist light? Did they turn off the live preview option etc etc. these guys simply do not know how to use the camera.

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