Olympus Rebate Problem Update (and review)

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Olympus Rebate Problem Update (and review)


So far the problem is just with the lens rebate, hopefully the accessory rebate will go smoothly.

I'm upset. I submitted the rebate paperwork for the accessory and the rebate for the 12-40 lens on November 27. I read and followed all instructions - and submitted everthing accordingly. I kept copies of everything. I checked the status online and for a few weeks it stated my rebates submisisons were received and were being processed. Then the status for the 12-40 lens changed to - response in mail. I could not think of any response other than - my checked was mailed. Then on 12/24 I received one of those tear off pieces of mail - I thought it was my $200.00 check. Shockingly it was a note stating my rebate did not qualify because I failed to send in the receipt/invoice for the EM-1. Now, this is the rebate for the lens and I sent in exactly everything required (I still have the instructions - printed from Olympus website. I requires a receipt for the 12-40 lens, original UPC Code taped on blank paper, the printed registration form from Olympus that contains my tracking ID # and my camera serial #. The receipt for the camera was not required!! (Of course it was required for the accessor yrebate - but not this one).

I tried calling the rebate info # right away - but they were closed due to the Christmas Eve. I called first thing today and was told they need the receipt and did not acknowledge that the instructions does not require it. She told me to fax in all the paperwork and now include the camera receipt. Well, luckily I had all the paperwork with me at work today - but - the fax kept getting an error message that there was "no answer." I printed out the failed communications. I called back Olmpus rebate info # (left on hold again) - got a different person on the phone. Confirmed the fax # - it was correct. I told the rep that I am not even getting a busy error message - it states "no answer" and beside the fact I am doing this when I shouldn't have to be - I'm faxing to you your own instructions that do not require the camera receipt. She said they have so many faxes coming in and only one fax # so keep trying. She said it would probably be quicker to mail the receipt it. I said "quicker than a fax going through"? She said yes. So I copied everything and mailed it to Olympus (again). She said it will take about 4 weeks for me to receive the rebate. I asked her will they be able to accelerate it since I already submitted everything and once they read the instructions - they will realize this was not one of their requirements - and she said she could try but cannot guarantee it.

Needless to say - I am so frustrated by this. I would like to make someone at Olympus aware of this and how their rebates are being handled. Does anyone have any idea whom I can contact?

Did anyone actually receive their rebate check for either their accessory or lens. I even told the reps that my camera, with the serial # I provided is registered - under my name with Olympus - and so are the 5 other Olympus lenses and fl 600 flash that I purchased after the camera and 12-40 lens.

I'd appreciate any advice and if anyone else also has/read the same instructions for the lens rebate and can confirm I'm not nuts - I would also appreciate that.


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