Canon DSLR with solid lenses for $1500-1800

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Igor Mateski New Member • Posts: 6
Canon DSLR with solid lenses for $1500-1800

Hello. I'm new here, so, first off, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

After 3 years of wishful thinking, budget finally allows for a DSLR kit with lens, bag, tripod...the bunch. So I can finally move on from my point-n-shoot PowerShot.

Most of the time I've taken macro pics, but as of lately Im discovering the beauty of landscape pics. Not overly interested in portraits at all. As im In web development and marketing, I'll be using the camera for video tutorials and image quality here is quite important to me.

I started my research with a Canon 700D and slowly moved toward 60D and now 70D and have just found out about the 6D. As time progresses the pricetag gets bigger and bigger. So I need some input from folks that have more experience than me.

I love the 70D phase vs. the contrast focus (as if I know what that means, lol), and I quite like the touchscreen and touch-to-focus in video mode. But as I've never owned a DSLR before, I'm not convinced if I really need the 70D over the 60D or 700D (especially since the 60D is almost half the price of a 70D). Don't get me started on Nikons. I know the 5200 and 7100 are excellent, but I think Im more of a Canon guy. Not obsessed with pixel count so 7100 having 24MPx CMOS isnt a selling point (although its headphones plug is).

In terms of lenses, I'm considering the Canon 18-135, but it seems a bit too ordinary, and in the same group of the Tamron 18-270, an all-rounder but not exceptionally good in any range...but quite budget friendly.(Does it make sense to go for the 70D and 18-270 for starters?)

I found the Canon 28-135 an excellent choice (and pricey) because I've read some excellent reviews. I'd stop short of the 24-105L, being a noob it will be a waste to own it this early. But as it will be a crop sensor, I'm losing a lot from the wide segment and considered the Tamron 10-24 or the Sigma 8-16 over the Canon 10-20 (or whatever it was). Or, the Rokinon 8mm.

That places me in a camp of owning two lenses both being around the $500 pricetag, which pushes me a bit out of my budget. So I also think of the Canon 15-85, or an equivalent Sigma or Tamron. There's also the idea of the nifty fifty at 1.8 because its just so well-spoken off and so cheap. Do I need it? No idea.

Thing is folks, all this is just numbers and research. I'd be very grateful if owners of such lenses would share a word or two. A comparison would also be great. I'm also open to pre-owned items as long as they're decent. (Austin TX).

Thanks in advance!

Canon EOS 60D Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss X7i) Canon EOS 70D
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