What camera for dog shows?

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Re: What camera for dog shows?

JimBim wrote:

I need a camera for dog shows. I'm with a Pentax brand already for 15 years. It's fantastic brand for holiday, landscape, everyday use, but for shooting inside when light is challenging, there is a need for fast focusing to catch moving objects (dogs with handlers) in low light I'm feeling limited. I'm considering 6D, or Nikon D610. I did some tests in a local camera store and 6D looks for me a little bit better.

Do you have some experience in this kind of photography and what would you recommend? For beginning I have a budget for about 3500 EUR.

Sorry that your Pentax will not give you results you want.

The 6d is the current king in low light within the canon line.  That is unless you go to the 1dx which will set you back well over 6000 EUR.

Depending on how much reach you need, something like the 85mm 1.8 might work well for you.  There are other wonderful lenses that you might select such as the 70-200 f2.8.  But your current budget may not allow this purchase.


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