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Don't do it.

The Promaster 5050DX P-TTL module was made around five years ago, hasn't been updated, and is completely useless on any newer body. That's the bad news, the good news is you can buy a $12 Quantaray QDA-P module for your modular Promaster flash and have a very nice flash solution.

To use the flash, mount the module, set the module to Auto, then select one of the three dots depending where you want base ISO to be on the aperture of the lens. The blue dot will use the widest aperture, the yellow one stop down, and the green two stops down. Put the camera in Tv mode and have the other e-dial set to control ISO.

With the yellow dot selected, the lens will be stopped down one stop. With without expanded ISO mode selected, this will mean f4 at ISO 100 with an f2.8 lens mounted on the K-5. Increase the ISO via the e-dial and the aperture will stop down further.  The only way you can get the aperture to f2.8 is by switching the flash setting to the blue dot.

You probably don't want auto ISO to be hitting a really high ISO, so just adjust the top range of auto ISO to what you are comfortable with, for the power of your flash. The higher the ISO, the less your flash has to work, so the faster it recharges, so you want to strike a nice balance of letting the camera and flash work together so you get the shots you want. There's flash range to think about as well.

If you want more control of the aperture, just use the e-dial to set ISO, and you'll see increasing ISO closes the aperture and decreasing opens it. Getting back to auto ISO is just hitting the Green button, so it is easy to switch in and out. You also have control of the shutter speed to work with or without ambient light, so you actually have quite a bit of control over how the Auto flash lights the scene.

Not bad for only $12 spent.

Thank you

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