How to create soft flash light on-camera?

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Re: How to create soft flash light on-camera?

lnguyenh wrote:

Yes, bounce off walls and ceilings. But i also think even though it is a big improvement over the direct on camera flash, it also becomes limiting quickly, but its a good start.

Below: 2 X SB700's, one in a speedlight soft box in front of subject camera left and the other in a snoot rear of subject camera right. The backdrop is an old black bed sheet. Taken with an ancient 10MP Nikon D80 and an 18-135mm non-VR kit lens.

Portraiture on a shoestring budget, but not bad considering...(best viewed by clicking on "view original size")...

Google "neil van niekerk direction of light" for an interesting video about bouncing.

I've seen that. It's a very good video.

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