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Re: RX10 Water Collor Effect

wade maney wrote:

Hi Oldcarz

I think when you apply an effect (at least with the illustration effect) -- the original is also saved. You can also apply an illustration effect to a photo to which you have already applied the effect to - making the effect more intense.



I just double checked. When using the Picture Effect option, the RX10 will take and store the picture using the option selected. Using the water color effect, there is only one "level" of effect (which is nice and mild), but the only photo that is saved on the SD card is the one with the effect applied. So, no, there isn't an original version.

I also tried it with the Illustrator effect. Like with the RX100, there are 3 levels of effect, but once you choose the mode and shoot, that is the only version stored on the card.

Therefore, it appears that with the RX10, there is no way to reverse the effects once they are taken. With the RX100, you were able to add the desired effect to any picture taken with the camera, or subsequently uploaded from another camera or SD card.

As mentioned, this is a little disappointing for the RX10, but between the RX100 (and photoshop), I can always add effects in the future without losing the original.

Enclosing the test illustrator pic of my jeans.

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