RX10 Water Collor Effect

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Re: RX10 Water Collor Effect

wade maney wrote:

Hi -- Red - I think the difference between the two cameras is that with the RX 100 you can apply the effect(s) AFTER you take the photo but with the RX 10 you must pick the effect BEFORE the shot & no apparent after shot effect modification available. At least I haven't found it yet.


Thanks for the tip.  I, too, had the same question as the O.P. and couldn't figure out how to apply the water color effect after it was taken.  I also have the RX100 and, like you, discovered that I can put the SD card from the RX10 into it and apply the effect.

The water color effect of the RX10 is nice, but you do take a chance of taking a photo and hoping that it will look good because I don't believe you can "undo" the water color effect to make it a "regular" photo.  Please advise if this is an option.

Here's a picture of a water color effect from the RX10.  My camera is only a few days old, so most of my initial practice pix are intended to capture different textures.  In this case, stained glass, leather, bronze, leather, fabric, wood, etc.


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