Surprised by S110, very surprised.

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Surprised by S110, very surprised.

I wanted a pocket camera quick and literally did like a day of research.  I picked the S110 because it was a reasonable price and a little bit larger sensor (1/1.7") than other cameras of it's size, though not the biggest.  Literally I bought the camera in the late morning, didn't even get the battery charged the whole way before I threw it in my pocket and went out to shoot!

I can tell you the image stabilization is very well, I'm able to shoot down to 1/10s handheld.  I set the control ring on the front to ISO so I can quickly change it for me to get the shutter speed I want with a minimum ISO.  I like how on the touch screen you can press it and the EV adjustment comes on as you're holding your thumb on the screen, from there you can turn the front ring and EV is adjusted.

Full manual controls are easily done with an excellent histogram.  I always shoot jpeg+raw, I can tell you the jpegs looks gorgeous, canon like, and I was blown away by the adjustments I could do to the RAW file, the images held up really well.  It does take 1080P videos at 24fps, but there is absolutely no manual control when taking video for ISO, aperture and shutter speed, you do have control of white balance, contrast, sharpness, and such.

The lens is very sharp and the 24mm eqv. at the wide end is great with an f2 aperture, that's another reason I chose this camera, other ones in comparison start at 28mm eqv.  The long end goes to 120mm eqv. which is very useful as well, though the aperture drops down to f5.9.  And the minimum aperture is only f8, with the ND filter and even a cloudy day at ISO80 I could barely get the shutter speed slow enough to blur moving water, and it was still overexposed.

Autofocus is very fast and there's a built in selectable ND filter which I didn't even know it had.  It doesn't say in the specs, or at least I didn't see it in there.  But the ND filter is highly convenient, I never realized how often I'd use it, especially on bright days.  Since the max shutter speed is 1/2000s the ND filter basically compensates for that.

The images in the museum are when I had just bought the camera that morning.

And the second "shoot."

An example of the minimum f8 aperture limitation.  The slowest shutter speed I could go without blowing out the highlights was 1/2s.  This was with minimum ISO and the ND filter on.  I would've liked to get the water a little smoother with a longer shutter speed.

Fairly easy to get the background to blur with the maximum aperture of F2.

Even at f5 you get some decent background isolation.

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Canon PowerShot S110
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