Pentax K-3 Questions

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Pentax K-3 Questions

Greetings and happy holidays to all of you. I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the Pentax K-3 and the Pentax system itself, as I have never owned any Pentax cameras but have heard of the success of the K-5 series cameras.

A quick background: I used to be a DSLR user about 5-6 years ago (and throughout my entire life before then), but then moved on to mirrorless (M43, NEX cameras) and I miss the feel, ergonomics and basically the shooting experience of a DSLR. I plan on giving away some of my cameras and lenses to some family members, and donating others to a local church. So basically, I am starting from scratch again.

Upon trying to get familiar with the DSLR world of today and doing some resarch online, watching YouTube videos, etc., I came across the Pentax K-3. (Unfortunately, the closest store within 30 miles from me that sells cameras is a Best Buy, and I simply refuse to go there. My 4 year old nephew probably knows more about cameras than their staff does)

As I am shopping for the best high-end APS-C DSLR in today's market, I narrowed down my list to 3 options:

Nikon D7100
Canon 70D
Pentax K-3

I must say, the specs of the Pentax K-3 blew me away and even though they are similar to the D7100's, there are two things that are making me like the K-3 more. One is the complete weather-sealed and rugged body. Second, the in-body stabilization. As far as the Canon 70D, looks like a nice camera but I see it more useful towards video. I never shoot video, and little things like not having a 100% coverage viewfinder (and smaller) bother me, as well as more plastic body and no weather-sealing.

So to get to the point, what do you Pentax K-3 users have to say about the camera? Do you enjoy it? Is it on par with anything that Nikon/Canon puts out? Image quality? High ISO? Auto-focus? How effective is the in-body stabilization? Why is Pentax practically unheard of when compared to its competitors? Would I have an upsetting "no wonder Pentax is not popular" moment once I use the camera?

It looks like a complete winner to me, especially after watching a great review on YouTube from The Camera Store.

Also, I forgot to mention that I mainly shoot landscapes, portraits and low light.

Thanks, I appreciate it!!!

Canon EOS 70D Nikon D7100 Pentax K-3 Pentax K-5
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