Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

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Re: Is the Df a dud? Friend wants to buy.

The Df is a  great shooter especially in low/available light.  I purchased one to fill in the gaps where my D800 has issues.  The Df is light and very fast.  In fact, I'm going to use it as my go to camera and keep the D800 for focus stacking and studio work.  If she not very experienced with cameras that have adjustments, she might set the Df on P and let the camera make the shooting decisions.  This will change as she gets more experience with the camera.  For walk around shooting, the 24-120 f/4 Nikkor is my favorite lens.  I wouldn't change any of the menu settings until she understands how the camera works.  The Df has a lot of buttons to make using the camera easier.  The exposed dials are a constant reference as to the settings she has selected,  DxO has crowned the Df as the low light king.

I put my Df right next to my F3 and they do look similar.  The Df is expensive but if she is committed to advancing in photography, the Df would be a better camera to do this as the Df would be able to take advantage of Nikon's huge inventory of lenses and accessories.  The aftermarket makes most of their products for Cannon and Nikon so owning a Nikon would have more up potential.  Lastly she will have access to the huge amounts of legacy Nikon lenses that the Df can take advantage of

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