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Re: A77 JPEG "best" settings

Just my 0,02 after a first evaluation of the A77:

Rashkae wrote:

Ouverture. wrote:

High ISO NR - LOW (default is Auto)

My observations are:

  • HIGH ISO NR, if you use AUTO (default), A77 tends to remove too much noise, even details from ISO800 onwards, can be very ugly and mushy looking.


If we let ISO NR by default on "Auto", means most of the time a cause of increasing mushy looking. Because the camera can increasing NR in every situation, out of our control.

Anyway, the only possibility to "turn OFF" noise reduction, is working under 1000 ISO or shooting .RAW (what increase ...noise, so...)

  • By turning it to LOW, you will get slightly more noise (luminance noise), but you retains much more details, even at ISO3200.

I also suggest (like you I guess) to set up "LOW" by default because the NR is undercontrol and works no more than what is setting up. BUT, increasing ISO amplification (aka High ISO) implies the reduction of increasing sharpness (what provide a better control on noise at the same time).

Ouverture. wrote: High ISO NR - LOW (default is Auto)

Creative Style - Vivid (-1 Contrast, -1 Saturation, +3 Sharpness)

  • Creative style set as above, the behaviour of noise (luminance) will have those film grain like effect, much like those on Nikon. The increased in sharpness settings seems to not only improve sharpness, it also changes the way the noise behave.


Reason why we don't have to use a "Creative style" if we want to decrease noise, period.

Using a creative style, means increasing noise and same for increasing sharpness, what can increase noise too, I would increase sharpness by +1 only here.

So I used to compare with the A37 and KM-D7D (what are "ready to print" both) and I just use the "Standard" mode (what is basically free of noise, better) and increasing the saturation +2 (or +3) to get "Minolta colors" (anyway that works about .JPEG only, but give the right settings to the "side-car" embedded with the RAW for PP of .ARW, help) anyway, don't forget setting up the WB, what reduce noise and help to optimise exposure, and remembering real tones what was in the field(because our memory is unable to do that with accuracy) and according to factory settings, all that small details can decrease noise drastically (by a margin of 1 stop and sometimes more...)

Also, A77 tends to underexpose, so need to dial up the EV compensation:
Outdoors: +.3 to .7 EV
Indoors: +1 to 1.3 EV

If we want to ETTR, we must setting up the WB as well (despite the opinion of raw shooters who think we supposedly able do that later in PP with .RAW), it's a wrong workflow imho because it's depends of the disposable lit on the main scene IN THE FIELD, something what we can't change nor interact in PP, nor remembering REAL tones as well. Nothing to do if it's Indoors VS Outdoors (because WB have to have setting up inside or outside as well, to optimise the use of the DR), it's a "case by case" situation, imho. And because the A77 is very picky to measuring lit, I was trapped more than once! LOL.

  • Exposure, make sure you use the histogram to dial in to the right exposure. By exposing correctly, the noise are very much better looking, especially shadow areas.

You can use the realtime histogram to check the exposure if needed.

True. Not "we can", it's strongly required imho!
But using histogram is nothing if other parameters was not choosed carefully, according to the situation. Shots was easily underexposed a tad when I shooted from a very shade location under the trees, in comparison to a place where I was not ... But it was sufficient to decrease my ETTR, then the best use of the DR of the sensor was down...

Shot raw+jpeg and we get more choice about choosing the amount of noise!


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